Friday, October 28, 2011

Two Weeks Notice

Today, Sam is 38 weeks old and we are maybe closer to his debut (like 2 weeks). I say maybe because I'm in denial about the birthing process which is why I was not allowed to bail on the childbirthing class this weekend. As my friend Lauren told me, you will have a baby sometime soon. And yes, Cris, it's time to start putting the bag in your car when you leave the house. See...denial. I am hoping I have at least one more week before he goes, and yes, it's for a really lame reason. I want just one more week in the office to tie up some loose ends. But that's just me and I really don't have any say in this whatsoever.

I had an appointment yesterday afternoon where they checked my cervix for the first time. It wasn't terrible, but I can think of possibly 11 or 12 more comfortable things than that. I hear that you eventually lose all modesty (as my mom said, everyone will be down there, even the janitor...let's hope not), but I'm not too that point quite yet. The doctor said I was barely dilated but she could feel his head. Is that crazy or what?

And today, began day 1 of How to Have a Baby Weekend Crash Course. Yes, there were videos. Yes, they showed it all. Yes, it was awkward. And no, I did not watch it. We met another couple whose due date was the day after ours (glad to know there were some other procastinators) and I will admit, that I feel a little more empowered knowing the various ways this could go down. As I told Marc after the class, I just have more specific prayer requests now like "please let labor start on its own" and "please if at all possible, let my body deliver this baby (with drugs of course)." I would be lying if I didn't have an ideal situation. But, more than anything, no matter what happens, my biggest prayer is that Sam enters this world healthy and ready to meet his crazy parents. :)

38 weeks down...2 (give or take) to go! Now, back to this GA-FL game where maybe the Dawgs will remember how to play some football in the second half.

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