Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sam's Room

I love Sam's room. Sometimes, I just go in there and look into his crib or sit in his rocker and imagine what he's going to look like sleeping in his bed or in my arms . I also really love the fact that his room is a reflection of the friends and family who love him. It's filled with blankets or quilts loved ones have made, crafts Marc and I have made together, my old books and stuffed animals, Marc's baby clothes and lots of essential baby items that others have generously given us. When we started working on Sam's room, I had no idea it would look like has completely surpassed my expectations! Like I said, I love absolutely every part of it. Just to give you an idea of how it started, you can see in the background of this picture how the room originally looked (well, part of it). It was painted a khaki color and the furniture in it was my Dad's when he was growing up (which includes 2 twin beds that will become bunk beds...and yes, Sam's future furniture!). We knew this room would eventually be the baby's room because it's the smallest in our home. After moving out the furniture (except for the dresser that we decided to use as a changing table), Marc sanded down the walls and ceiling. What did I do to help? I slept on the couch. There was lots and lots of sanding and then lots and lots of patching before we (Marc) actually got to any painting - and not just the walls, but the ceiling and trim. We decided on a very soft blue color for the walls. It's funny because I swore if we had a boy, we would not paint the room blue. Once again, I'm eating my words. After the room met Marc's satisfaction, we started filling it with baby stuff galore! The crib was a gift from my mom and stepdad. The bedding was a sweet gift from some of my closest girlfriends. I love the bedding because 1. it has cute monkeys in it, 2. it's not too over the top and 3. it has polka dots in it (yes, I realize I am bringing a boy in the world, but the cute animals balance the precious polka dots very nicely). About the time we were decorating Sam's room, I learned of a new website out there called pinterest. Yes, I'm quite behind when it comes to these things, but I became addicted! Like, stay up all night pinning craft projects and recipes. So, I decided rather than spending the money to have his name made, I would just do it. After a very long trip to Hobby Lobby, I came home ready to make some crafts because of course one project turned into like three. The end projects were the letters above Sam's crib (scrapbook paper, cheap wood letters, modge podge and voila!), the monogrammed hooks, and the bulletin board (by far, the most frustrating and probably would have been cheaper to buy...but ya live and ya learn right?!). The glider was an awesome Craiglist find. Turns out, a sweet family in surburbia was selling it since both of their girls were older now, and it was collecting dust in their house. However, these two girls were very sad to see the glider leave their home - the youngest one just stood in the driveway staring us down as we drove off with her mommy's old chair. I'm only kind of sorry for taking the glider off their hands because this piece of furniture is AH-MAZING. Like, I've already fallen asleep in it. The little red rocking chair next to it was mine growing up and it's filled with some of my old stuffed animals and some new ones that Sam has given. The quilt over the chair was made by one of my amazing best friends. We lived together ALL four years of college (quite an accomplishment!). And yes, just so you read that right, she made that on her own. I'm super impressed!The shelf was another pinterest find! It's made out of a pallet, and it was from this bookshelf that I fell in love with pallets. I'm already thinking of lots of other cool furniture we can make out of pallets such as a coffee table, a sandbox, frames, and more bookshelves. Which brings me back to Sam's room (and back on track). I wanted a way to display all of his books (and I especially love books and can't wait to read to him) and this was a cool-unique way to display them without trying to fit another piece of furniture in the room. Marc built another shelf that we will hang below it once Sam gets older so he can pick out his own books to read. Gotta love pinterest! The beautifully painted canvas above the bookshelf was made by my amazing college roomie/bff/quiltmaker's mom - well, she didn't paint it, but she had someone she knew paint it for us. How cool is that?! And there ya have it...the tour of Sam's room! This was a pretty lengthy post to describe a such a small room.

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