Thursday, October 27, 2011

Third and long...

Preggo update back, and I almost have you up to date! Sam and I are now in our third trimester. It's amazing how quickly this pregnancy has flown by and now that we are in the third trimester, it seems to be dragging by. The good news about this is that it's given me plenty of time to get his room ready (the reveal will come soon) and clean and organize every part of my house - literally, every room has been organized in some way. It's glorious! My friend Lauren tells me I'm like Monica from Friends. Anywho, the bad news about this dragging by is that we're so ready to meet our son! And, I'm ready to have my body back (no offense Sam, but you'll be much more fun on the outside than cramped up against my back and ribs...).

Right now, I'm 37 weeks and will be 38 on Saturday. The bags are packed (mostly) and we have somewhat of a plan for when this thing goes down. In the meantime, here are some other things that have happened in my final trimester:
  • We finished Sam's room and I decorated it with lots of fun homemade crafts due to an addiction to pinterest! (well, I started them and Marc finished them...)
  • Marc and I toured the hospital where we would deliver which Marc said afterwards, "That was so exciting!" I'm glad he's so thrilled about me pushing a watermelon out...
  • We were blessed to have family and friends celebrate Sam with showers galore! It is so neat to look at Sam's room and see how it has been filled with gifts from loved ones. I just sit in his rocker and am humbled by how much Sam is already loved by so many people.
  • I started going to the doctor once a week. Apparently, this week is when I start finding out if there has been any "progression" down there...or as one of the doctors described it as "torture." Thanks a lot.
  • I continued to feel Sam kick, squirm, hiccup, stretch or feel a heel, knee, leg or some body part pressed up against my belly.
  • Speaking of which...I officially don't have a belly button anymore...
  • Marc and I had pregnancy photos taken which is a really great thing considering we (I) have been TERRIBLE about taking pictures to document Sam's growth over the months. Meg Davidson, our wonderful photographer, will also be coming out to our house after Sam's birth to take some newborn photos.
  • We go to our Childbirth class this weekend - I would rather not really know what's going to happen, but Marc things learning about (or accepting) the delivery process will be good for both of us. We'll see about that when it's 3:30 on Saturday and we're talking about the stages of labor and NOT watching the GA-FL kickoff....
It's still extremely surreal that my due date is just over two weeks away. It seems like it's so close (that's because it is...I think I'm in denial) but there are lot of things that have to take place before Sam go into labor. But, until then, it's back to work for me so I can get my office organized before I leave for 8 weeks.

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