Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy 18th Birthday!

This past week flew by just as quickly as the weekend did. I was a very motivated girl at work this week - actually getting up and arriving on time! All the items on my to-do list are marked off and my office is overly organized and clean...just in case little Sam arrives this weekend. I'm sure this only means he won't...

A very important event hap
pened this week - Sieara celebrated her 18th birthday! As I've mentioned before, I initially met Sieara at Camp Hope 2008 when she was 15. Our mentor relationship began later that fall. Since then, Marc and I can certainly say she has become part of our family. Sieara likes to say, as she rolls her eyes, that she always feels adopted when she hangs out with us. I've decided to think of it as a compliment even though I'm sure it's another way for Sieara to remind me that I'm really not cool at all. And, while I know that Sieara has her own family, I am thankful she considers to have an "adopted" family in us. And, my prayer is she sees beyond us and sees that she's a part of God'sadopted family. Anywho, after day 2 day of How to Have a Baby Weekend Crash Course, Marc and I went to pick-up Sieara and her cousin for a birthday dinner celebration. Celebrating Sieara's birthday has become an annual tradition that I probably look forward to as much, if not more, than Sieara. I just LOVE birthdays! And, to make my mom really proud, I came prepared with a birthday box - an essential item of the birthday celebration - that included candles, a birthday hat, a birthday necklace, a camera, Sieara's a gift, and a FAFSA know...the essentials...

We celebrated Sieara's 18th birthday at Buckhead Diner and as usual, Sieara enjoy
ed every moment of feeling she should. I love watching her in those moments because I see a freedom in her smile, a freedom I know she doesn't experience in her daily life. And, a freedom that we only experience in Christ. Happy 18th Birthday Sieara! Marc, Bailey, Sam and I love you!
Sieara and her cousin Leah
(they are making fun of one of our preggo pics in the bottom picture - hope to share proofs soon!)

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