Friday, November 4, 2011

39 Weeks...

Well my friends this weekend marks 39 weeks. It could be any day now or any week now. At this point, the two are drastically different and I must admit that it would be kinda nice to know (like if he could send me a note or do some morse code on my belly). And, I'm fairly certain our families and friends would appreciate some head's up too. However, I'm extremely thankful that I don't know because my over-worrying, over-anxious brain would be a nervous wreck. It's at times like these that I understand why God doesn't let us have control over some things.

And, according to my weekly doctor's appointment, we're moving and progressing slowly but surely. While the people I knew who had due dates around mine have already had their babies, it's looking like I will make mine. That's at least my bet.

So, the waiting game, heartburn and peeing every two minutes continues. I'm excited for a weekend of rest involving staying in my pjs all day, reading and watching tv. Yes, it sounds like the most boring thing ever but the wonderful opportunity to relax is closing in on its expiration date once our little man makes his arrival. :)

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