Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thinking Outside the Bun

Yes, I am a Taco Bell lover. Have been since I was a child. I'm a soft taco, cinnamon twists kind of girl. As I have aged, I've added the hard taco to the order. And, depending on the reason for my craving, a side of nachos and small Dr. Pepper will be added to the mix. Typically, my TB craving happens during these occasions:
1. I'm eating with my friend Lauren
2. I'm home alone, don't feel like cooking and out and about anyway!
3. I've had a completely hectic and horrible day...which usually calls for the side of nachos and small Dr. Pepper to soothe me.

Today, was #3.

Here's was how I thought today would go:

Marc would go to his overnight CFA staff retreat in Stone Mountain...enjoy some golf and team building activities while I leisurely strolled to the gym after work, stopped by Home Depot on the way home to pick up some pansies to plant in our front yard (I thought I could surprise Marc with my attempt to have a green thumb...), and enjoy a nice relaxing night at home with some good fine and maybe even a glass of wine.

I should have known it was too good to be true because the words leisurely and relaxing were mentioned...

What really happened:
I woke up late and when I went to the kitchen to make some coffee, I see Marc's work clothes for tomorrow. By the time I let him know, he is already in Stone Mountain about to start playing golf. I have a less than perfect day at work. Marc and I decide to meet at 4:30 somewhere off 285, however a monsoon makes it a little stressful to drive compounded by the fact that the exit we decide has a split where I have to decide if I want to go north or south...and I have like 1 nanosecond to decide (I don't do cardinal directions BTW...). Of course I pick the wrong one which puts me on another highway and I'm in another county before I can turn around. I do realize I am being dramatic right now, but the nachos I am eating right now are starting to calm me down...maybe if I eat them faster! I have the brilliant idea after my rendezvous with Marc that I will stop at the closest LA Fitness since traffic is stopped everywhere. Another great idea in theory but once I get off the exit, it takes me another 30 minutes to go 1 mile....

...But alas, I finally made it to the gym to sweat off my frustration...2 hours later and I'm pretty sure I'm eating enough calories to completely negate my workouts from the past week but it's totally worth it. Now off to enjoy my tacos and cinnamon twists!

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