Monday, October 4, 2010

Let's Hear it for the Boys! I have a confession. I really enjoy hanging out with boys at Camp Hope, our church and just in general. They say the funniest things and they are just so cool! For example, this was a conversation between me and Gregory on Saturday:
"Mrs. Cris, what is your full name?"

"Well, it's Crisara Douglas Hunt but it used to be Crisara Lynn Douglas."

"Oh, what happened?"
"I got married."

"Oh yea, how is that going for you?" (Gregory is 16 years old btw...)
"It's going great Gregory!"

"So Mr. Marc is nice to you?"
"Yes he is."
"Well Mrs. Cris, you know where to find me if he's not."
I would really hang out with them all the time if I could but I'm pretty sure they just think I'm lame. Anyway, this weekend was a packed weekend of hanging out with boys. On Friday night, Marc and I went to Friday Night Lights with City of Refuge. On Friday nights, they open up their gym for the kids in the area to come play basketball. The guys there were so nice to us - once again, would hang out with them all of the time. I had a little guy help me with the score board a
nd Marc painfully stood on the sidelines watching the guys play. Next time he will be sure to wear clothes to play...including his infamous white tee and shoes. Saturday, we had an afternoon of football and ultimate Frisbee with some of our Camp hope guys at our church, St. Philip UMC. The day went off without a hitch except for one of our footballs getting stolen by a neighborhood kid. The guys played for 5 hours straight and pretty much wore out all of the adults. The boys always impress me with how polite they are. They kept thanking me for organizing them to play football and when I would ask them how they were, they always respond, "How are you Mrs. Cris?" Yes, I want to take them all home.Ok...just one more story about one of my all-time favorite kids from church, Ray-Ray. He was at our church last year for about 6 months and then after Mother's Day, he and most of the kids from the neighborhood left and haven't been back since. I heard that Ray-Ray moved, but he will always have a special place in my heart. Here was a deep conversation Ray-Ray and I had about his life aspirations:
"Ray-Ray, what do you want to do when you grow up?"

"Well, I want to live in a big house with like 25 rooms."

"Wow Ray-Ray, that's going to be expensive. What are you going to do to make money to build that house?"
"I'm going to be an engineer."

"Well, I hear GA Tech is a great college to go to if you want to be an engineer."

"Yea yea, but hey, Mrs. Cris, what is an engineer?"

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