Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Adventures in KY

This past weekend, my mom, Marc and I traveled to Lexington, KY for the UGA-UK game. My mom has been talking up this UGA-UK game since she and my stepdad, Fred, went two years ago. So, this year, she got 4 tickets for all of us to go. Unfortunately, Fred couldn't come at the last minute so we gave the 4th ticket to my sweet friend Sloanie. The adventure started on Friday morning when Mom picked us up and after a short stop at Whole Foods, we were KY-bound!

If there's one thing about my mother, she never meets a
stranger. When in public, she can hardly concentrate on one thing because she's so excited at the possibility of talking to someone new (I guess I know where I get my short attention span from). Mom made friends with the employees of the KY Welcome Center (yes, we did stop there just to talk with them), our hotel, our waiter at dinner on Friday night, at Keeneland for the race horses and of course at the game on Saturday night. Mom always leaves places with friends...which I have to admit is quite helpful when you're in a new place. Thanks to her lack of a shy bone in her body, we discovered Cumberland Gap Falls off exit 15 in Kentucky and a great running trail near our hotel that winded through horses farms (we ran a grueling 6.5 miles...Mom has her 1/2 marathon in December, mine is in January and Marc is just plain crazy but a great encourager!)

Here are some pictures from our adventures this weekend:

Mom and I are super excited about stopping at the KY Welcome Center!

At Cumberland Gap Falls as suggested by our friend at the Welcome Center. It was beautiful!

At the horse races in Keeneland. For all of us, it was our first horse racing experience.
A nice gentleman gave us his tickets to his box!
Go horses! I have to admit I can see why betting becomes addicting...we stopped after one race and none of our horses won.
My friend Sloanie was at the races too (she's the one on the far left)!
Go Dawgs!

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