Monday, October 11, 2010

The Tension is Good

Last week was the week of conferences! Following my "big girl" conference, I experienced Catalyst 2010. And, what an experience it was. I heard from so many amazing men and women - Andy Stanley, Beth Moore, Francis Chan, Christine Caine, Perry Noble, T.D. Jakes and more. I was blessed to hear Kari Jobe sing - she is such a gifted worship leader!

The focus of this year's Catalyst conference was "The Tension of Good." This is a concept that I am still digesting - being the type A perfectionist, tension is not good. I strive for organization and efficiency...I am a tried and true people-pleaser (most of the time). Ask me where I want to go to dinner, and I will probably say, "I don't care, where do you want to go?" Not because I don't have an opinion, I'm just not confident in it and would the other person be pleased. The speakers challenged this idea of perfection saying that tension is's where progress occurs.

As I wrote in an earlier post, Marc and I have feel that we are just in the beginning of what God is calling us to. kidz2leaders has introduced us to the world of inner-city and know that these doors have been opened, they can never be closed. We feel called to more, we have desires and passions - to adopt, to foster, to have our own children, to go where He leads us. But, when I tell God that I will go where He leads me, do I really mean this? Am I really willing? I have to first learn obedience to Him, even at the risk of not pleasing everyone around me. Omg...that is scary to even type. I can't be lukewarm, I can't make everyone happy, I have to learn to tell people no. And more than that, I have to get over myself. I don't want people following me or Marc, I want them following our Heavenly Father. I pray that I would just get out of the way and be obedient to Him - whatever that means.

So, the tension is good!

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