Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy 17th Birthday Sieara!

Today, I celebrated Sieara's 17th birthday. Well, her actual birthday was yesterday but she didn't have school today because it was Election Day, so I picked her and her cousin, Leah, up for an early dinner at a Japanese Hibachi Grill! Yummy (even though it makes my stomach hurt)! I can't believe she is 17 now...it just seems like yesterday that I was the adult counselor in her cabin at Camp Hope. For some reason that year, our cabin seemed to be the trouble cabin...from starting a water fight to the girls getting in trouble for dress code, but it seemed those were the times that Sieara had the most fun. She drove me a little crazy at camp because she had an attitude capable of making a whole room get cold. But after camp, I called her to let her know she wasn't moving up a level at camp because of this. I expected more attitude but instead, she thanked me for helping her with a situation at home. I saw a glimpse of Sieara's vulnerability beneath that tough exterior. For the past 2 years we have hunt out, and I've had the opportunity to watch her open up, even if it was laced with a little attitude. Like the time that she told me that my butt looked big in the pants I was wearing. When I looked at her shocked, she said, "What?! That's a compliment when you tell a black girl that." At least she tells the truth!

I am so thankful that she has shared the past 2 years of her life with me, and I look forward to all that God has in store for her! Happy 17th Birthday Sieara!

Me, Sieara and her cousin Leah

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