Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January aka Birth Month!

Since I've decided to return to blogging, I realize my posts have been pretty deep - which is pretty indicative of life around the Hunt household recently.  God is certainly moving in our home, but it's not all serious around here....we do like to have fun...

...which is what we've been doing in honor of what we refer to in our home as my BIRTH MONTH!  My family has always teased  me that I don't like to just celebrate a birth day, but the entire month long.  And, in response I say, WHY NOT?!  It's a time to feel special, go out to dinner, eat CAKE (one of my favorite desserts and one of the main reasons I enjoy weddings), open presents and receive birthday greetings via mail, e-mail, text and Facebook.  Who wouldn't love that?  And, if it lasts more than one day, bring it on!

To kick-off my 29th birthday celebration, I had a weekend of pampering with a girl's night out with two dear friends.  We stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel in Buckhead and dined in the big city.  What a treat to enjoy adult food, beverages, and conversation!!  The next morning, I enjoyed an hour massage and pedicure.  I went home completely relaxed...it's amazing what a relaxing night of fellowship can do to this girl's soul.  I am so grateful that my sweet husband realizes my need for date nights and girls' nights.  Since becoming a mommy, quality time with friends and my husband mean more to me than they ever did.  Later that weekend, I was able to catch up with another dear friend over dinner at my favorite restaurant in the world...Last Resort in Athens.  Seriously, I was spoiled that weekend.  I owe Marc a refreshing weekend in the woods pronto after my weekend of pampering. 

On my actual birthday, Marc and Sieara took me to dinner at Stoney River near our home.  I have had SO much good food this month and am still enjoying cake...see all the perks to having a birth month?!  Everyone should have one. 

What a way to ring in the last year in my 20s.  They've been so good to me, and I expect nothing but more fun, adventures and excitement in my 30s.  Now, time for some cake...

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