Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Goals

I'm not really into resolution-making that the rest of the world conducts on January 1st.  I certainly believe in evaluation of ourselves and setting goals which I strive to do, and hopefully on a more consistent basis.  And, let's just be honest, if I did make resolutions such as limiting myself to just one cup of coffee a day (ignore the fact that I'm enjoying a cup now) or one sweet item a day, not only would I blow it after 5 minutes, but I think my family and close friends would ask me to return to my old habits too. 

Anywho, I figured this would be the best outlet to outline my goals and areas of growth in 2013:

1. "And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." Micah 6:8.  I love this verse, and I want to strive to live by this truth no matter what I do this year.  I also love the tenderness and intimacy described in this verse.  I want to walk with my God in 2013. 

2. Obedience.  This is a word that when I just say it, I feel the resistance of my entire body and mind.  Ugh...obedience is hard.  This is a word that keeps coming up in my life so even if I tried to run from it, it would keep finding me.  So, may as well hit it straight on.  I want to be obedient to God's call and to my husband.  This one will be fun...especially with my control-freak nature.  I'm putting or attempting to put myself in time-out this year and simply obey. 

3. Contentment.  I'm totally stealing this word from my sister-in-law for her New Year's resolutions.  After a year of transitions and adjustments of leaving work to stay at home with Sam, I just want to be content with where I am - both emotionally and socially.  Staying at home is an amazing blessing that I certainly don't take for granted, but the transition has brought many insecurities to the surface - emotionally and socially.  Rather than days filled with anxiety and worry, I want to be content in the days filled with new and old friends, but also enjoy the days of quietness of just me and Sam.  God called me to stay at home, and that's it.  He didn't specify where I was going, how long it would take or even give me the slightest glimpse of the end result.  So, I just need to be content in faithfully obeying (there's that word...) His direction and be content during this stage. 

4. Running.  A tangible goal...I do so much better with this kind of goal.  Before I got pregnant, I enjoyed running a few times a week.  It was a great release for me and helped clear this jumbled head of mine.  I even ran a half-marathon.  Almost 14 months after Sam, and I still have baby weight (breastfeeding did not melt away the pounds as advertised...).  I'm ready to feel active and healthy again.  Consequently, I was talked into running another half-marathon in April!  So, the training has begun and 13.1 miles will happen in about 13 weeks.  But, even after that, I hope to continue a (less extreme) running habit.  

5. Writing.  Last, but certainly not least, I would sincerely like to commit to blogging - not for anyone really but me...but of course, I love the idea that people may read it!  My head is filled with thoughts throughout the day, and blogging is a way to just have mental diarreah...and get it out there.  That's what motivated me to be a Journalism major in college in the first place.  I love writing and believe everyone has a story to tell.  This blog is a way to tell mine.  

Not too shabby of a list.  It may not be a long list, but I've certainly got my work cut out for me.  Here's to a wonderful and goal-oriented 2013!

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