Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Excused Abscence

I sincerely apologize for my extended absence, it's just that I've been living quite a few adventures, and just haven't had a moment to write about them.  And actually, my biggest one, my one-year-old son, Sam, just woke up from his nap meaning that this post will have to wait a few hours..maybe days, but certainly not more than a year.  But, don't hold your breath quite yet.....

....Ok, false alarm, he seems to be settling back into sweet slumber giving me a few more precious moments.

2013 is well underway, and this blog hasn't seen any action since November 2011.  Our world was rocked in so many ways with the birth of our son, Samuel Wesley Hunt.  Sam Bam, Sam I Am or just Sam as we like to call him.  The immediacy and exhaustion of the newborn stage kept us (or specifically me) rather preoccupied.  Then feeding, work, camp, crawling...there's always something isn't there?  I think we just call it life  However, I'll spare us more reading and writing than we have time for on catching you up on the last almost 14 months.  The quicker than Reader's Digest version is:
  • Marc graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary with a degree in Christian Leadership. 
  • God very clearly called me to stay at home with Sam...funny how the one thing you think you would NEVER do, you end up doing.  I will eventually stop putting absolutes on my life as I seem to eat my words every.single.time....
  • We attended our 5th Camp Hope
  • Celebrated our 5th Anniversary with a romantic getaway to NYC!
  • Celebrated Sam's first birthday
And, that pretty much brings us up to speed.  Of course, there was  LOT more that happened.  Lots of big, little and in between milestones that I'm sure will come out as I figure out where I'm headed in this new adventure of life.  For now though, the cries through the monitor indicate nap time officially is over...adios for now!

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