Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuning Out

It's been one of those days where nap time is extending longer than my list of to-dos.  If I'm completely honest, I usually rush through that list, including my Bible study, so I can have a few moments to "tune out."  I wish I could say that involves some beautiful quiet time of reading or deepening my faith, but if I'm completely honest, tuning out means watching the latest "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" or "Glee" episode...or as of recent "Downton Abbey" (yes, I now understand why everyone has been raving over this amazing show.  I am just now in Season 2...).  The point is, there are plenty of episodes on our oversized tv that I could watch to "tune out" my brain.  

Isn't it funny though as I ended my Bible study this afternoon, I wrote out these questions..."What are God's promises to me?  What is God commanding me to do?  What are You calling me to?"  And as soon as I finished writing out these questions, I hopped up to pour some ginger ale on ice and turn on the tv as if a reality show or British show (I have to say, Downton Abbey it is quality tv..I mean, it's on PBS) will answer those questions for me.  How quick am I to write out these questions to God, but not give Him more than a mere second to answer me before I decide it's time to "tune out" the rest of Sam's nap time.  I need to know the answers to these questions...I want to know these answers.  Otherwise, I'll just act out my understanding, but put some "God-approved" seal on my actions since I did at least have a quiet time...right?  It's time to tune in to Him rather than tune out....

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