Friday, February 22, 2013

Rainy Day Confessions

It's a rainy Friday afternoon which has prompted Sam to take a longer than usual nap leaving me with some time to write.  I am realizing that blogging is probably the last on my "to do" list during nap time trumped by housework, Bible study, phone calls, Facebook, mindless TV, and a quick snooze (yes, my first confession is that sometimes I nap too..).   So, being that my time to stop in here and write is random at best, these confessions hopefully give you a honest glimpse into my life here in the Hunt household.....

  1. I am a neat freak.  My heart is happy and content with a clean and organized home.  This is however to a fault.  (Marc is somewhere yelling out an "Amen!")
  2. Dog hair is my greatest nemesis to #1 and why I have to vacuum once a week.
  3. I don't just eat desserts, I conquer them.  If there are sweets in the house, I consume them ALL.  Take in point the box of Thin Mints that made it a few hours in our house before they were done (and I think Marc had 3 or 4).
  4. I hate brushing and flossing my teeth.  This combined for my unhealthy love for sweets is the reason I have cavities ALL the time.  I once had 10 cavities at a dentist appointment shortly after college.  Luckily, Marc was already committed to marrying me so he couldn't back out once he realized that my mouth was going to be more expensive than seminary. :)
  5. I have a constant need to check Facebook and the point I find myself scrolling status updates and photos at stop signs and lights.  Which is why I am limiting this addiction over Lent hoping (and praying) it starts better habits.
  6. I have glasses with the slightest prescription (like barely any at all) after I started squinting while trying to decipher words from far away.  Except, I like to wear my glasses just for fun in meetings.  
  7. I snort when I laugh.
  8. If I'm near a calculator, I type in 9227952 without thinking.  It was my first telephone number.
  9. It took me 2 1/2 weeks to watch all three seasons of Downton Abbey....and my heart is still broken from the last episode.
  10. It doesn't take much to make me cry. (Publix and Hallmark commercials...I'm lookin' at you.)
  11. Sometimes I want to just get pregnant again so I can wear maternity clothes again rather than trying to fit into my pre-Sam clothes.  
  12. Speaking of...I am signed-up for a 1/2 marathon
  13.  I like Taco Bell...enough said. 
  14. When I run, I listen to rap....and smile at the contradiction of running with a stroller while listening to T.I. 
  15. My definition of online shopping is putting a lot of stuff in my cart just to see how much I would spend and then never actually buying anything.
And last confession before the weekend gets started...This post has taken me all day to write.  But, Sam is now in bed, chores have all been done and I'm about to enjoy an evening of relaxation with my husband!  

Happy Weekend!

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