Friday, April 5, 2013

His Love is Relentless

I have really been enjoying Hillsong's latest album, "Zion."  I'm usually a fan of anything Hillsong-related, but this new album is a little more 80s-fied with syntheziers so it took me a minute for it to grow on me.  Syntheziers and all, I'm a fan now. 

It's been playing in the background of my days at home, especially during Sam's nap.  Each song seems full of His truth that I need right now, and God is certainly speaking to me through the lyrics.  

A lot has been going on with Sieara (that's another post for another time), but her situation has thrown me on my knees looking to Him - asking, pleading, and begging for help.  I have been humbled more than I care to admit  and my need for control has and is being refined.  And, in case you wanted to know, the refinement process is PAINFUL.  Just the other day, I was frustrated with Sieara and just wanting to throw my hands up.  I wanted to rattle off every thought going through my head.  As I was getting more and more heated in my thought process, I heard these words playing: 

You carry us
Carry us
When the world gives way
You cover us
Cover us
With Your endless grace
Your love is relentless

And, I stopped.  I was reminded of what my BSF teacher told us recently - Jesus' economy is backwards, upside down....the last will be first, the first will be last, the low will be lifted high and the high will be humbled.  His love and grace for me is relentless, so that's how He calls me to love Sieara and others who don't deserve it.  I can easily say Sieara doesn't deserve any more chances, but then I remember the grace Jesus has for me when I don't deserve it.  I'm so grateful of His truth piercing my heart before my tongue could speak.  His love is relentless...for me, for my family, for Sieara.  And I know I won't get it right every time, but I pray that I will be a vessel of His unrelenting grace and love. 

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