Sunday, April 28, 2013

That Time I was Supposed to Run 13.1 Miles...

I'm a fair-weather "athlete" at best.  Wait, let me rephrase that.  I'm not an athlete as much as a very slow runner.  Either way, my running game was put to the test once Sam entered this world.  Pushing your 20-pound child through your hilly neighborhood just isn't fun.  Before Sam, I enjoyed working out a few times a week.  I was even peer-pressured into doing sprint triathalons, 5Ks, and a half-marathon.  The half-marathon was my favorite, first and foremost because it was at Disney World.  And, the Magic Kingdom is something to get excited about, even if I'm running through it.  I also enjoyed the rewards of pushing myself physically and seeing results.  I was running 5-6 times a week and could actually run 12-13 miles (a huge feat for someone who could who dreaded running a mile in PE).  Shortly after I completed the 13.1 miles, running came to a stop once I found out I was pregnant.  And, I've really never got my running game back since. 

But, game or no game, I one of those people who can't commit to the training until I've signed-up.  Meaning, I find no reason to train for a half-marathon unless I'm invested financially and mentally.  I need a date on my calendar and a training calendar posted on my fridge with days to cross off.  This is how I functioned before Sam, so I assumed the same to be true after Sam. 

My friend Lauren and I signed-up in January to run the Nashville Rock n' Roll 1/2 Marathon this Spring.  When was it?  Yesterday...Saturday, April 27.  And where was I?  Sitting with a cup of coffee while enjoying a view of mountains and Lake Rabun.  Apparently, even I'm financially invested, that doesn't mean my body and mind is as committed as my wallet.  Once Lauren and I started training, we both realized the challenges of trying to find the time to train with toddlers.  It became evident that as April approached, we were not in any condition to run this race.  We finaly both admitted that we messed this one up and embraced a relaxing weekend at the lake as a more reasonable training needed for that!  This plan definitely beat packing-up our house, husbands and children to wake up way too early to run a race our hearts weren't invested in.  Instead, my family enjoyed a weekend with friends and doing absolutely nothing which is a nice break to our hectic schedule. 

Marc and Sam throwing rocks off the boat house

Ellie took a cat nap during dinner
Sam and his buddies Ellie and Brynn (and yes, he's constantly surrounded by girls since the majority of our friends have girls..he's committed to many arranged marriages...we have time to figure that one out)

I have to admit, I didn't miss running it one bit (finding out it was cold and rainy in Nashville made it even easier).  Yes, I would like to run a half-marathon again, but there's a time for everything.  And right now, I'm enjoying the time with my family. 

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