Sunday, September 26, 2010

Living as a Sheep

For the past 6 weeks, our church has been doing a series on Psalm 23 and preaching on a verse each week. This psalm has always been a comfort to me, but it's definitely been a passage that I sometimes glance over thinking there is nothing new I can learn...which of course it completely not true. Each verse started meaning something different to me this morning as the pastor summed each line of this famous psalm. This is what I wrote down:

God wants to be in relationship with me and leads me; He will provide for my needs.
He offers rest and refreshment amidst this hectic life.
He restores me to His image; He guides and leads me for His glory.
He offers peace in trouble; He is with me, He pursues me, He wants me; He disciplines me because He loves me.
He renders my enemies harmless, He protects me. I am His chosen one, His daughter. I am blessed by His abundance.
He pursues me with His love and mercy. I will live in Him forever.

Not too shabby of a life for a sheep. Amen!

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