Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Ahhh...the beach was soooo relaxing....three full days of sitting on the beach, napping and having no particular schedule. Doesn't that sound just wonderful?!! Because our schedule can be so hectic, I love taking full advantage of doing nothing - and I know Marc enjoys it too. We seem to always be doing something between school, visiting kids, family or just getting stuff done around the house. ANYWAY, back to relaxing....ahhhh. We went with three other couples - two we know through our small group. We took turns cooking dinner and then on Monday night, went to Red Bar. Having a Red Bar experience makes you feel like you are a part of a secret club. I had a Red Bar experience twice my freshman year of college and whenever I would see people with Red Bar t-shirts or stickers on their car, I felt like we had this very special connection. It's this hole in the wall restaurant outside of Destin (Grayton Beach to be exact) with delicious food, live music and posters covering the wall. Just a very unique dining experience! I've only been talking to Marc about it forever and he finally was introduced to Red Bar. So, we went, we ate and I got a t-shirt!

Now it's home sweet home. I'm sitting here with my sweet hubby, 2 sleeping doggies and loving every minute of it!

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